Why is it important to verify an KCM Trade account?

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Why is it important to verify an KCM Trade account?

Sep 20, 2023

A KCM Trade account needs to be fully verified before all trading functions are made active; this is why completing this process is encouraged. However there are multiple reasons this process is so important for you and KCM Trade.


Account security is a very important reason that the account verification process is essential, in that no one would feel secure if anybody could use their identity or funds to make trades, commit fraud, or even identity theft. Knowing that only the account holder has the access and ability to make trades ensures financial security and agency is afforded to our traders.

Financial Regulations

In order for KCM Trade to continue to remain compliant and regulated, a strict verification process is a requirement. KCM Trade is regulated by numerous financial regulatory organizations worldwide, and the standards set by these bodies must be adhered to in order for KCM Trade to operate. Further, regulatory bodies provide our traders the peace of mind that KCM Trade is a legitimate operation that takes steps to protect and facilitate its traders according to the law.

Improving Service

In order to understand the needs of our traders and improve services, accurate data is essential. For example, if a lot of traders start to register from a certain region of the world, we can see this from registration data and begin to improve our Support teams’ ability by providing new languages or offering new payment systems exclusive to this region. This is made possible only by the accurate data provided through the account verification process.