How do I make a trading account?

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How do I make a trading account?

Sep 25, 2023

At KCM Trade, you can choose from 2 different trading account types depending on your trading style. This includes STP, and ECN. Your CRM Area can host multiple trading accounts at once,depending on the account type you have chosen.

Creating a new trading account

When you create a new trading account, it will be added to your existing CRM Area. There is no fee for creating new trading accounts, and you do not need to register a new CRM Area in order to create one.

Here’s how to create a new trading account:

•Log into your CRM Area from the KCM Trade homepage.

•Click on Open New Account in the My accounts area.

•Select from the available trading account types.

•The next screen presents the following settings:

•Select your trading platform of either MT4 or MT5.

•Set your leverage.

•Once done, click Continue.

•Your new trading account will show up under the Accounts tab in account overview after our approval.