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KCM Trade

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KCM Trade and the HKGSA team from Hong Kong have forged a powerful alliance, establishing the KCM Trade Drift Team.

Together, they embark on an exhilarating journey into the heart of the Japan Drift Championship (FDJ2). Here top drivers compete in the pinnacle finals, challenging the speed limits and showcasing the beauty of drifting.

KCM Trade Drift Team Competes in the Japan Drift Championship (FDJ2)

With striking new upgrades, the KCM Trade Drift Team makes a dazzling debut, setting off on a thrilling global adventure at the Japan Drift Championship (FDJ2). Their performance is an unmatched drifting spectacle for the audience. Accelerating to unprecedented heights, the KCM Trade Drift Team infuses the competition with a surge of fresh excitement!

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
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Outdoor Shoot
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Suzuka Twin Circuit
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FDJ Round 1

Racing forward

Spinning Like the Wind to Showcase the Beauty of Drifting and Challenge the Pinnacle of Limits


Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

KCM Trade exclusively sponsors HKGSA racing team in Japan's Drift Championship (FDJ2)
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Flying Through Life Without Fear of Challenges

Founder and Chief Coach of HKGSA Racing

Ken Yeung is an MSC Japan S-Class driver and professional coach. He is a promoter of racing culture in Hong Kong and possesses outstanding driving skills, earning numerous honors for the team.
Ken Yeung
Professional Racing Driver

Honors and Awards

Participating Event
MSC HONG KONG Challenger
Third Place
LIMITLESS 121 Barrel Racing
Third Place
DRIFT Round 1 Group B
Third Place
MINI Challenge
Triple Alliance Obstacle Race
YUFAT Cup Group A

KCM Trade Drift Team

The KCM Trade Drift Team is a collaboration between KCM Trade and the Hong Kong HKGSA Racing Team. The vehicles boast a sleek and stylish exterior design, perfectly blending modern aesthetics with dynamic flair, giving them a unique sense of power and identity. The HKGSA Racing Team has showcased top-notch driving skills and professional spirit on historical racetracks, always maintaining an impressive standard. They are the only team in Hong Kong with official certification for FDJ racetracks.

Japan Drift International Championship (FDJ)

Background of FDJ2 Event
The FDJ2 event is organized by the Japan Motor Sports Association (JMSA) and represents the pinnacle of global drifting competition.
Attracting the World's Top Drivers
The FDJ2 event attracts the world's most elite drifters and teams, with each competition serving as a rigorous test of their skills and abilities.
Simultaneous Challenge and Spectacle
The FDJ2 competition seeks to deliver the adrenaline rush and visual impact brought by high-speed drifting, providing both challenge and entertainment.
Technology and Innovation
The competition is a display of racing technology and innovative capabilities on the track, serving as a leading stage for drifting technology.

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