How do I manage my CRM Area settings?

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How do I manage my CRM Area settings?

Sep 20, 2023

In this article we will guide you through managing the following CRM Area settings:

CRM Area password

Thisis your KCM Trade account’s main password, used when you log into your CRM Area.

•Choose Profile inthe CRM Area.

•Open the Profile tab.

•Click Change icon next to the Password.

•Key in the code and click Continue once done.

•Your new CRM Area Password is now set.

Personal information

•Choose Settings inthe CRM Area.

•From here you can review your registered information; If you would like to change any profile information, please click Change next to related items.

Your registered phone number and email can also be found in Profile underthe Profile tab; have your Support PIN ready collected from email to speed up the process.

Security type

If you want to add Two-factor authentication, follow the steps below:

•Choose Profile in the CRM Area.

•Under the Two-factor authentication tab, click Enable Two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator tab.

•Scan the QR-code with Google Authenticator. Enter the code, then click Enable.