How do I manage my trading account settings?

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How do I manage my trading account settings?

Jun 20, 2024

Once you’ve created a trading account under your CRM Area, you can manage your trading account(s) according to your preferences. In this article, we will guide you through managing the following trading account settings:

1. Statements

You can easily manage your statements using settings in your CRM Area. Here’s how:

•In your CRM Area,click on Accounts tab.

•Click the Accounts Overview.

•Click View icon for the trading account you intend to manage.

•Click Trading History icon to Manage your statements.

2. Leverage

KCM Trade offers leverage settings for all trading account types.

How to check your leverage setting on your trading account:

•Login to your CRM Area.

•Open the Accounts tab.

•Click Accounts Overview 

•Beside your chosen trading account, and then click view icon.

•Your leverage setting will be displayed as Actual leverage.

How to change leverage on your trading account:

If you want to change leverage on your trading account, please contact CS department by email at

3. Read-Only Access

Read-Only account will allow you to share trading account access with a 3rd party thatcan see trading activity on that trading account while restricting trade altogether.

How to change Read-Only password on your trading account:

•Login to your MT4 trading account.

•At Navigator window, open Accounts tab.

•Right click your trading accountand input current Read-Only password.

•Change to New Read-Only password and confirm.

4. Trading Password

Your trading password is used to log into a trading terminal with that trading account, and it can be changed by following these steps:

•Login to the CRM Area.

•Open your Accounts tab.

•Click Account Overview to continue.

•Click View icon next to trade account.

•Input current and new password to complete.

Password requirements:

We strongly suggest you set up strong passwords to secure your KCM Trade account and trading accounts. Support will never ask to provide any password, and only your Support PIN is used for verification of account ownership.