Which trading account type should I use?

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Which trading account type should I use?

Oct 10, 2023

Choosing the right KCM Trade account type that suits your trading style can be a challenging task. However, we aim to assist you in this decision-making process by providing a brief overview of the conditions associated with each account type.

KCM Trade offers a total of two different account types, which are categorized into two groups: STP Accounts and ECN Accounts.

STP Accounts:

This account type has minimum USD 1,000 initial deposit requirements.The low deposit requirement makes STP accounts appealing to beginner traders. Additionally, intermediate traders can benefit from the flexibility to explore various trading styles and approaches.

In general, STP accounts are recommended for both beginner and intermediate traders.

ECN Accounts:

This account type provides more specialized trading conditions and requirements. It offers different order execution types and grants traders greater control with lower spreads. To open an ECN account, a higher minimum deposit is required. However, experienced traders will appreciate the advanced features and tools tailored to their trading styles.

If you are an experienced trader looking for advanced trading features, ECN accounts may be more suitable for you. However, please note that these accounts have higher minimum deposit requirements.

By understanding the distinctions between each account type and considering your own trading experience and preferences, you can find the perfect fit for your trading journey with KCM Trade.