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KCM Trade Empowers Traders at Trading Seminars in Thailand

November 15, 2023

Amidst the lively energy of Bangkok, an enlightening seminar took place in November, illuminating the intricacies of Forex trading. Spearheaded by our partners that meticulously organized by KCM Trade TH, the event drew in an eclectic gathering of sophisticated traders.

A seminar titled "Trade Like a Pro, iRobot Trade" was held on November 4th at CAMP, the Maya Lifestyle shopping centre in Chiang Mai. The seminar was conducted by Coach Gong, the owner of "EA System" and the Facebook page in Thailand. The event attracted a considerable number of traders who were eager to enhance their trading skills. Coach Gong is highly skilled in System & EA, and his expertise has garnered him a large client base in Bangkok. Additionally, he has established strong connections in the trading community of Northern Thailand. His proficiency in these areas has solidified his reputation as a knowledgeable and influential figure in the industry.

On 11 November, Coach Thanu, distinguished for his master yin Technical Depth Trading, Risk Management, Depth of Market analysis, Dow Theory, and Pivot Points, captivated the audience with his magnetic speaking skills. The gathering of traders from Chiangmai and Bangkok underscored Coach Thanu's widespread popularity, drawing on his rich reservoir of experience. Beyond theoretical concepts, Coach Thanu's teachings find practical applications in the dynamic realm of Forex trading. The seminar proved to be a valuable conduit for attendees to gain profound insights into the complexities of foreign exchange, leveraging Coach Thanu's extensive expertise and success in the FX industry.

On the upcoming November 24th, A seminar titled "Live trade with Coach Yumi No.1" is going to be held at KX knowledge exchange in Bangkok. The seminar will be led by Coach Yumi, a renowned trainer in the Thai FX industry. Coach Yumi's expertise lies in live trading, and she is highly regarded for her ability to guide clients through trades during her classes. Coach Yumi's unique approach to teaching involves leading her clients in live trades during her classes. Participants in the seminar will have the opportunity to observe and learn from Coach Yumi's trading expertise. Her ability to trade live in front of an audience will provide valuable insights and practical knowledge that can be applied to their own trading endeavors.


Last but not least, A highly anticipated seminar "Gold trading on risk factor" will also be held at KX knowledge exchange in Bangkok on November 25th. The event features two renowned speakers, K.Pao andK. Thanu, who are prominent figures in the Thai FX industry. Known for their expertise in Gold Trading Strategy, Technical Depth, and Risk Management, both speakers have amassed a significant number of clients and followers in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. This seminar will be served as a significant event of the year, includes various promotions and rewards, making it an enticing occasion for traders. This seminar will be provided valuable guidance on understanding and managing the risks associated with trading gold, equipping participants with essential tools and strategies for success.

As the events wrapped up, participants departed not only with a deepened grasp of Trading skills but also with a shared connection in the thriving Forex community. KCM Trade TH expertly organized an enlightening and engaging seminar, reaffirming our commitment to providing traders with the indispensable knowledge crucial for success in the ever-evolving world of Forex. The events stand as evidence of the increasing demand for comprehensive financial education and the importance of collaborative learning in the continually changing landscape of Forex trading.

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