How do I start trading with KCM Trade?

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How do I start trading with KCM Trade?

Apr 18, 2024

Once you’ve registered a KCM Trade account and fully verified your account, you can proceed to these steps.

1. Make your first deposit
In your CRM Area,the Deposit Fund tab in Funds tab will display all the available payment methods in your registered region, including the respective processing times, limits, and commission fees, if applicable.

2. Choose a trading terminal

At KCM Trade, we offer a range of trading terminals that makes it convenient for you to trade. Get to know the trading terminals and compare the trading platform functionalities before choosing the right one for you.

These are the trading terminals we offer:

•Desktop Terminals: MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader 5

•MetaTrader WebTrader Terminal

•MetaTrader Mobile Terminals

•KCM Trade WebTrader Terminal

3. Login to the terminal

Desktop Terminals: MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5

Download and install your chosen MetaTrader platform on your desktop device,and log in with your KCM Trade credentials.

MT4 WebTrader Terminal

Login to your CRM Area, open MT4 WebTrader tab with your account number, password, and server.

KCM Trade WebTrader Terminal

Login to your CRM Area, open Download tab and click onthe KCM Trade WebTrader icon to download.

MetaTrader Mobile Terminals

Download and install the appropriate MetaTrader mobile application on your phone and login with your KCM Trade credentials.

Add trading instruments

Do you have favorite symbols that you like to trade, like EURUSD? Add them to your Market Watch in the Desktop Terminal  or WebTrader Terminal.

•Right-click anywhere in the Market Watch window.

•Click Symbols,then choose the group of trading instruments you want to view.

•Choosea trading instrument and click Show (or Showall if you want to add all available instruments), then close the window.

The trading instrument you've chosen will now be shown in the Market Watch window. If you want to view the chart of the symbol you’ve added, simply drag it to the chart window.

To add instruments to your Favourites list on the MetaTrader Mobile Terminals:

•On the MetaTrader App, head to the Quotes tab.

•Click on the instrument and tap on the cross icon on top left-hand corner to add.

4. Calculate margin

Margin is the amount of money reserved so as to open and maintain a leveraged trading position. Always make sure you have enough money in your account to open a trade.

5. Check market hours

Before placing your first trade, make sure you understand when the world’s financial markets open and close, and when you can trade.

6. Open a trade

To place a trade on the Desktop Terminal or WebTraderTerminal:

•Right-click anywhere in the Trade Tab and choose New Order.

•Fill in the required fields:

a. Symbol: Choose a trading instrument from the drop-down list, which shows the symbols

you’ve added to your Market Watch window.

b. Type of order: Choose either Market Execution or Pending Order.

c. Volume: Type the lot size (volume you want to trade) for your order.

d. Trade Type: Choose Buy or Sell as desired.

You will be able to track the progress of your trade in the Terminal window.

To place a trade on the MetaTrader app:

•On the Trade tab, select your chosen instrument.

•Tap on either Sell or Buy onthe next screen.

•Select the number of lots or currency and tap Confirm.

To place a trade on the KCM WebTrader Terminal:

•With your chosen instrument, open a Market or Pending order by selecting the respective tab on the bottom of the screen,

•Set your order by volume, units,currency, price and tap buy or sell.

7. Close a Trade

Two ways to close an open trade on the Desktop Terminal or WebTrader Terminal:

•Click the X on the open trade located on the far right of the Trade Tab.

•Right-click on the open trade in the Trade Tab,and click Close Order.

To close an order on the MetaTrader app:

•Find the order you want to close in the Trade tab.

•Tap on the order and then select Close order.

•Tap Confirm to close the order.

•Another way to close order is to tap on it in the chart to bring up its options, then tap Close order and Confirm.

To close an order on the KCM Trader WebTrader Terminal:

•Close an order from that trading instrument’s chart by clicking the open trade tab.

•Tap on the order and then select Close order.