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Trading central is the most widely distributed technical analysis information source in the world. Through market data terminals (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones, etc.) and major trading and brokerage platforms, it provides millions of investors around the world with investment strategies and professional data analysis reports covering mainstream FX currency pairs, precious metals, commodities, stock indices, etc. Each product's strategy is updated 10 times a day. Aim to help investors to find potencial trading opportunities at the first time.

Trading Central is a certified member of three independent research provider (IRP) associations: investorside, European IRP and Asian IRP. It provides independent financial research without conflict of interest, which is consistent with the position of investors.

Download the MT4 desktop plugin, start and run it through a simple installation process.

KCM Trade Trading Central
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Unlock the Power of Trading Central

Strategy News

Technical analysis of the top 5-8 trading varieties every day

Daily Analyst View

Provide investors with the latest daily analyst market views and trading signal strategies

MT4 Indicator Plug-in

Super practical MT4 plug-in, including three sets of necessary indicators

Daily Market Review

Provide traders with daily market analysis and fundamental market reviews

Economic Calendar

The financial calendar includes the calendar of economic indicators and the forecast of major financial events


For different varieties, push 3-4 economic data news videos every day

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