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Set off immediately and fight for glory! The KCM Trade drift team is rushing to Japan from Hong Kong to participate in the Japan Drift Championship (FDJ2)

April 26, 2024

With its forward-looking vision and strong capabilities, KCM Trade exclusively sponsors the Hong Kong HKGSA team globally. After making appearances and checking in at iconic landmarks such as Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, Central Waterfront, Kap Shui Mun Bridge, and Tsuen Kam Highway, the KCM Trade team, jointly created, has already arrived and is about to depart from Hong Kong to Japan, embarking on a global glorious race - the Japan Drift Championship (FDJ2), fighting for glory and bringing a wonderful drifting feast to the audience. KCM Trade's brand awareness and international influence once again lead the market at an astonishing speed, demonstrating the perfect combination of finance and racing, and continuing to write a new chapter of KCM Trade's high-speed, high-standard, and high-quality brand.

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