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NVIDIA Share Split Announcement

June 5, 2024

Dear Clients,


NVIDIA announced its 10-for-1 share split will take place after market close on June 7th. This means every1 share of NVIDIA Corp. heldby investors will be split to 10shares. Meantime, the share price of NVIDIAwill be adjusted to one tenth.


As the CFD product #NVDA provided by ATFX is derived from theExchange-traded stock NVIDIA Corp.,the product’s price will also undergo the share split rule.

The example below describes how #NVDA 10-for-1 share split affectscurrent holding position.


1.All pending orders Take Profit/Stop loss/Buy Limit/Sell Limit/Buy Stop/SellStop will be DELETED on 7 June 2024 after market closed.

2.In order to ensure the price stability after the share split and to avoidaffecting clients’ transactions, the start trading time of #NVDA will bedelayed by 5 minutes on 10 June 2024. It means the trading time start from16:38 MT4 system time!!

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