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Kohle Capital Markets (KCM) Wins the “Most Transparent Forex Broker Award 2022”

September 30, 2022

Kohle Capital Markets (KCM) justwon the “Most Transparent Forex Broker Award 2022”from FXAJAX, Singapore's largest derivatives media house.FXAJAX hosts the Financial Derivatives 2022 Summit, an online event that attracts thousands of participants.

KCM was honored to receive the award, given its commitment to providing its clients the best Forex and CFDs brokerage services ever since its founding in 2016 as a liquidity provider for institutional clients.

The broker has maintained a transparent pricing structure, even after expanding to serve retail clients in 2019. The broker has always kept trading costs low for all its clients, with a clear breakdown of the costs associated with different types of accounts and trades.

Kohle Capital Markets has emerged as a leading player in the global derivatives market,tapping into its experience as a liquidity provider to deliver industry-leading services and the best prices for its retail and institutional clients.

KCM prides itself on providing a reliable trading environment for its clients and reiterates its commitment to maintaining the high standards that its clients are used to. Winning the “Most Transparent Forex Broker Award 2022” confirms Kohle Capital Markets’ position as a leader in the global derivatives industry.

Kohle Capital Markets also provides its clients with the latest and most in-depth market analysis from respected analysts to help them make informed trading andinvestment decisions. As a result, the broker has been recognized multiple times for its market-leading services.

Since itsestablishment, Kohle Capital Markets has been focused on meeting the needs ofits clients, while providing them with unrivalled services, which has made itstand out in the highly competitive global derivatives market.

KCM will continueinvesting in investor education, customer service and technological innovationto maintain its position as an industry leader by providing the best brokerage services to its clients.

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