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Kohle Capital Markets - Sponsor for the iFX EXPO International 2022, Cyprus

June 17, 2022

From June 7th to June 9th, Kohle Capital Markets (KCM) was invited to participate in the iFX EXPO Cyprus International Expo 2022. The location of this international exposition was selected in Cyprus, one of the financial hubs on the Mediterranean Sea. Investors and brokers worldwide gathered here.

The iFX EXPO 2022 International Expo brings together top executives from global fintechs to provide a platform to communicate, develop business and engage in insightful content, to meet face-to-face with representatives from different industry sectors, including technical services, digital assets, and blockchain. 

In addition, KCM, as one of the partners of iFX EXPO, made a big-screen appearance and won the attention of all the people at the venue. There was a constant flow of people coming and going from the exhibition site, filling it up with their vitality. 

After the iFX EXPO 2022 International Expo, KCM will participate in the Brokersshow cloud exhibition on June 22, using new technologies to bring a different visual feast. As the global forex broker, KCM has carried out activities one after another in recent years, which really reassures investors. This is the embodiment of a strong and safe brand. At the expo, KCM mentioned that it will always be committed to developing investment education and providing a green development environment. 

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