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Kohle Capital Markets (KCM) sponsors and presents at iFX Expo Asia

September 22, 2022

Kohle Capital Markets (KCM) recently sponsored and participated in the iFX Expo Asia held from 13-15 September 2022. The broker sponsored the iFX Expo Idea Hub, where it made a presentation called “Education as Edge: How to Grow and Retain your APAC Business.”

Manit Yodthong, KCM’s Country Head of Thailand, and Terry Lam, KCM’s South East Asia Managing Director, did the presentation together, demonstrating the importance of education as the key to growing and retaining one’s APAC business.

iFX Expo is the world’s first and largest international financial expo, held annually for overa decade. The expo brings together businesses and professionals from a wide range of global financial services, fintech and online transactions sectors.

Kohle Capital Markets showed participants the various advantages available to its clients, including fintech-powered customer verification, cutting-edge market analysis powered by big data, high-quality customer service and multiple product categories.

Participants who visited sponsored Idea Hub could see the practical application of its cutting-edge services, given that the KCM brand was centrally displayed at the Expo Idea hub. Visitors were also able to understand Kohle Capital Markets's brand advantages better.

Kohle Capital Markets gives investors access to Forex pairs, precious metals and stock indices, among other products. KCM officially opened its Thailand office on 15 September 2022, which caught participants' attention.

The broker reiterated its commitment to providing its customers with the best and highest quality financial services worldwide. The broker is now a global partner of the iFX Expo and will be featured in other expos.

The Idea Hub also attracted a lot of attention during the expo days, with KCM’s top executives delivering an exciting presentation titled “Education as Edge: How To Grow and Retain your APAC Business.”

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