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Kohle Capital Markets (KCM) Partners with Trading Central

September 9, 2022

Kohle Capital Markets (KCM) just announced that it haspartnered with Trading Central to provide its clients with industry-leadingprofessional analysis driven by technical and fundamental analysis, marketnews, and artificial intelligence.

Trading Central is the most widely distributed source ofmarket analysis globally. It provides millions of investors with professionalmarket analysis and investment strategies and covers the goings on in thefinancial markets daily.

Kohle Capital Markets (KCM) customers can use the insightsprovided by Trading Central throughout the day to augment their analysis asthey make trading decisions in real time. The research provided by TradingCentral covers all tradable instruments, including forex pairs, commoditiessuch as oil, precious metals, and stock market indices, among others.

The new partnership will see KCM clients receive up to tenstrategies for trading each of the instruments covered by Trading Centraldaily. The strategies are delivered through market data packages frominvestors’ trading platforms.

Kohle Capital Markets (KCM) will be able to offer acustomized trading signal/strategy service to its clients. The broker will alsooffer the latest market analysis to its traders to help improve their trading.The new service will allow KCM clients to be better equipped to deal withchanges in the markets daily.

The partnership with Trading Central came becauseof KCM’s desire to provide the best market research and analysis availableglobally. The broker believes that its clients will benefit from theindustry-leading analysis provided by Trading Central.

Kohle Capital Markets is excited to see its clients benefitfrom the new signals and market analysis service from Trading Central.

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