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KCM Trade’s Tim Waterer: A Financial Expert in the Spotlight of Global Media

May 3, 2023

KCM Trade is delighted to announce that its Chief Market Analyst, Tim Waterer, has been widely recognised for his expertise and insights in the financial industry. Tim's commentary has been featured in various publications, including major international publications, regional and local newspapers, trade publications, and industry blogs.

Tim's insights into global financial markets have made him a highly respected and sought-after expert by journalists worldwide, regardless of the publication size. As a result, he has been featured in numerous media outlets worldwide, including CNBC, Forbes, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Australian Financial Review, Financial Times (UK), The Guardian (UK), La Vanguardia (Spain), and El Economista (Mexico) to name a few. He is also frequently interviewed by Reuters and most recently was aired on BFM89.9fm radio and Channel News Asia Radio. 

  • CNBC: "ASX closes lower as Australian bank shares decline; Nikkei drops 2.8%"
  • Forbes: "As Bitcoin Sinks, These Billionaires Are Sticking To Their Guns"
  • Reuters: "Australia shares slip on weak commodities, NZ also lower."
  • The Wall Street Journal: "Australian Shares End Lower on Financial Stocks, Tech Sector Declines"
  • Bloomberg: "Stocks in Asia Open Mixed; China, Hong Kong Resume Trading"
  • The Australian Financial Review: "ASX to rise as US inflation data hits sweet spot"
  • Financial Times (UK): "Australian shares down as weak iron ore prices weigh on miners"
  • The Guardian (UK): "Australian stocks suffer worst day since June as iron ore prices plunge"
  • La Vanguardia (Spain): "Las acciones de Australia cierran con una caída ante la debilidad de las materias primas"
  • El Economista (Mexico): "Acciones de Australia caen en sesión de baja para las materias primas y los bancos"

His expertise on topics such as stocks, currencies, and commodities has earned him a reputation as an authority in the industry. As a result, even smaller and foreign media outlets have sought his opinions, despite needing online archives or search engine indexes.

On 26 April 2023, Tim Waterer provided an in-depth but summarised review of the recent decline in deposits of First Republic Bank and the potential consequences for the bank's stock price. He also delved into Microsoft and Alphabet's positive earning reports, which gave the US futures a slight boost, but noted that there was still a risk-off trading session across Asia. Additionally, he discussed the outlook for gold and how it depends on the USD and highlighted the PCE data release on Friday as an important event for traders to watch. 

Expanding further on the topic with BFM89.9fm on 28 April 2023, Tim identified uncertainty surrounding the path of (BOE and ECB) interest rates as one of the main hurdles facing the border market, alongside regional banking woes and recession fears. This is despite strong earning numbers from tech giants like Alphabet, Microsoft, and Meta. While the tech sector appears promising, market sentiment has fluctuated due to big tech names and the FOMC rate decision. The actions of the Federal Reserve will be a crucial driver of global equities, with two potential scenarios of the Fed hiking and providing dovish guidance or remaining hawkish. Investors should prepare for a wild ride depending on how events pan out. 

KCM Trade is a leading financial services provider with many branches throughout Asia and Oceania. The firm offers a wide range of investment products and services, including investment advice, and trading education. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to delivering exceptional service to clients, KCM Trade has established itself as a trusted partner for investors around the world.

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