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KCM Trade’s Chief Market Analyst Tim Waterer Appears on TRT World

November 23, 2023

KCM Trade’s Chief Market Analyst Tim Waterer was recently invited to appear on TRT World as a guest. Tim joined the Money Talks program, where he chatted with host Ludovica Brignola about the performance of Asian equity markets.

Tim was asked his thoughts about the Hong Kong listed EV (Electric Vehicle) maker XPeng, after the company posted their quarterly earnings results this week. Tim commented that the earnings loss from XPeng for the quarter was larger than what was expected, which led to some weakness in the XPeng stock price on Thursday 17th November, as well as affecting sentiment in other EV makers.

The discussion then turned to some of the challenges facing EV manufacturers, given the uneven growth of the industry. Tim noted that supply chain issues and the cost of raw materials were impacting profitability of many EV makers, with even established auto industry giants like Ford currently struggling to make their EV business profitable.

TRT World is a public broadcaster based in Istanbul. The company broadcasts 24 hours per day via their news channel. TRT World is a member of the Association for International Broadcasting. In addition to their headquarters in Istanbul, TRT World also have studios in Washington D.C. and in London.

Further insights from Tim during his interview with TRT World can be found here

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