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KCM Trade’s Chief Market Analyst Featured in US Media

September 14, 2023

Our team of analysts at KCM Trade have been making news again! Chief Market Analyst, Tim Waterer, has been featured in the media around the globe for his expertise on financial markets. As one of the most reputable and prominent analysts in the industry, Tim has appeared in many media outlets with investors and the public at large keen to hear his insights about the key events, happenings, and trends in the world of financial markets. Below is a small sample of where Tim has recently appeared in the US media:

KCM Trade’s Chief Market analyst regularly contributes to articles on CNBC, an American business news channel and website. The below article from 28th August 2023 featured Tim commenting about treasury yield movements in the wake of the Jackson Hole Symposium, and the impact on the gold price.

On the same day (August 28th), Tim was also quoted by the ABC News, which is the news division of the American Broadcasting Corporation:

Meanwhile, The Washington Post also regularly features comments from Tim, such as this example on August 28th:

KCM Trade’s expert team will continue to be a source of highly sought-after analysis and insights for our clients around the globe. Stay tuned for Tim’s analysis and thoughts in the financial media, and of course our ‘Daily Analysis and Weekly Update’ section of the KCM Trade website page contains the full content from our internationally renowned, in-house analyst team.

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