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KCM Trade’s Chief Market Analyst Featured in Global Media

April 8, 2024

Below is a recap of our Chief Market Analyst Tim Waterer’s appearances in the media recently.

On February 26th, Tim was invited to appear on the BBC to discuss the latest moves and events in financial markets. Speaking with the Asia Business Outlook host Steve Lai, Tim shared his thoughts on why Japan’s Nikkei index had reached record highs and the reasons behind the weakness in the yen. Tim was also asked for his opinion on the latest economic indicators for China and India and what they may indicate regarding the economies of the world's two most populous countries.

Tim was also invited to appear on TRT World during March. On March 14th, Tim appeared on the renowned news channel to discuss Japan’s Spring wage negotiations as well as India’s latest inflation readings. While he also appeared on TRT World on March 28th to share his thoughts on US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s comments regarding China’s clean energy industry. The discussion then turned towards the EV industry, where Tim highlighted the challenges facing some EV makers including those regarding lithium-ion batteries. Links to Tim’s March interviews on TRT World can be found below:

Tim also made his regular appearance on Ausbiz during March, where he discussed central bank interest rate decisions from the Bank of Japan and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

For more analysis and international media appearances from KCM Trade’s Chief Market Analyst, stay tuned!

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