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KCM Trade – Global Events Recap for November

December 5, 2023

TimWaterer, Chief Market Analyst at KCM Trade, Nominated for Trading InfluencersAwards 2024 - Tim Waterer, with over two decades of financial marketexpertise, is a strong contender for the 2024 Trading InfluencersAwards. Nominated for Best Market Analysis and Best Forex Strategy Analyst,Tim's extensive background in FX, stocks, indices, and commodities positionshim as a formidable candidate. As the voting stage unfolds from December 4th to15th, supporters are urged to cast their votes and contribute to recognizingexcellence in market analysis and forex strategy. The awards announcement,scheduled between December 18th and January 31st, promises an excitingconclusion to celebrating trading excellence.

TechnicalEducation Seminar in Vietnam - KCM Trade hosted a high-profilefinancial investment seminar in Hanoi, Vietnam, emphasizing technicaleducation. The event, featuring Mr. Tien Dao from Athena Academy, exploredstructural relationships in trading, addressing market dynamics and the impactof digitization on financial landscapes. The seminar offered valuable insightsinto financial markets, assisting beginners in comprehending market products,and analysing economic data. With a focus on practical trading skills andefficient strategies, KCM Trade reaffirmed its commitment to delivering customized,high-quality financial services.

TimWaterer, Chief Market Analyst at KCM Trade, Appears on TRT World – TimWaterer, featured as a guest on TRT World's Money Talks program. TRT World, a24-hour news broadcaster based in Istanbul, engages in global discussions.Discussing Asian equity markets, Tim shared insights on Hong Kong-listed EVmaker XPeng's quarterly earnings, highlighting a larger-than-expected lossimpacting stock prices and overall sentiment in the EV sector. The conversationtouched on challenges faced by EV manufacturers, including supply chain issues,and rising raw material costs. Tim emphasized the broader struggles in theindustry, citing even established players like Ford facing profitabilityhurdles in the EV business.

InsightfulSeminars in Thailand - KCM Trade TH hosted impactful Forex seminars inBangkok, featuring expert coaches like Coach Gong and Coach Thanu, renowned forSystem & EA proficiency and Technical Depth Trading, respectively. Theevents drew traders eager to enhance skills and gain insights into Forexcomplexities. Notable seminars included a live trade session with Coach Yumi onNovember 24th and a highly anticipated "Gold Trading on Risk Factor"seminar on November 25th, featuring K.Pao and K. Thanu. Attendees benefitedfrom practical knowledge and valuable guidance, emphasizing KCM Trade'scommitment to comprehensive financial education in the dynamic Forex landscape.

KCMTrade Introduces Facebook CFD Shares - KCM reinforces its global tradingbrokerage leadership with the launch of META (Facebook) CFD shares. Leveragingits reputation for high-quality services, KCM Trade introduces features includingultra-low spreads, up to 10:1 leverage, and versatile position options in theFacebook CFD shares. Emphasizing transparency and client-centricity, KCM Tradeensures a cost-effective experience without hidden fees. The product alignswith KCM Trade's mission to empower clients with cutting-edge trading solutionsin the dynamic financial markets.

*Risk Warning CFD trading carries a high risk of losing money rapidly due toleverage.

TimWaterer, Chief Market Analyst at KCM Trade, Featured on Ausbiz channel -Tim Waterer, discussed the RBA interest rate decision on Ausbiz in Australia.Ausbiz, Australia's dedicated business channel, hosts insightful discussionswith industry experts. Tim anticipated a likely rate increase due to risinginflation, retail sales, and house prices in Australia. The conversationshifted to Chinese inflation data, emphasizing vigilance for deflationarypressures. Tim also addressed commodity prices, noting Saudi Arabia andRussia's production cuts in oil and highlighting gold's resistance at the US$2klevel.

HalloweenExtravaganza Strengthens Bonds and Boosts Team Spirit - KCM Trade hosted avibrant Halloween Costume Party in Bangkok, Thailand, on October 31st, 2023,uniting team members and partners. The event seamlessly blended businessdevelopment discussions with Halloween festivities, reinforcing relationshipsand paving the way for future collaborations. The highlight was the CostumeParty, featuring creative costumes and a spirited contest. Winners received valuable prizes, showcasing KCM Trade'sdedication to cultivating robust partnerships, fostering team camaraderie, andbuilding lasting connections within the financial industry.

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