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KCM Trade exclusively sponsors HKGSA racing team in Japan's Drift Championship (FDJ2): Pursuing drift excellence, pushing speed limits!

April 2, 2024

In the first few months of 2024, KCM Trade, a leading global financial services provider, achieved a series of noteworthy milestones. These included the grand opening of its Melbourne office, hosting two professional seminars in Thailand, and engaging in charitable endeavours in Vietnam. KCM Trade's successful brand appreciation dinner in Taiwan demonstrates the strong market execution and robust strength of KCM Trade as a top-tier brand in the industry.

KCM Trade's forward-looking vision and substantial capabilities have led them to exclusively sponsor the HKGSA racing team in the Japan Drift Championship (FDJ2). This partnership blends finance and racing, continuing KCM Trade's narrative of high speed, high standards, and high-quality brand excellence. It further enhances the brand's visibility and international influence at an astonishing pace.

During the signing ceremony held in March 2024, KCM Trade officially announced its collaboration with the HKGSA racing team. KCM Trade's exclusive sponsorship of the team was unveiled at the event, which featured the presentation of the customized race car adorned with KCM Trade logos. The cars will be driven by renowned drift racer Ken Yang during thrilling performances in the FDJ2 circuit. This partnership represents a promising new journey, combining KCM Trade's strength with HKGSA's expertise in drift racing to achieve great things in the future.

FDJ2 is an esteemed international drift racing competition that attracts top-tier drivers and teams from all over the world. It is held annually in Japan and showcases the highest levels of skill and innovation in the sport. For KCM Trade, it presents an excellent opportunity to enhance its brand and demonstrate its corporate prowess. The competition consists of six stages, running from April to October, and the first round is scheduled for April 27-28 at the Suzuka Twin Circuit in Japan.

KCM Trade has partnered with HKGSA for the second year in a row, emphasizing the similarities between racing and finance. Both racing and finance require precision, professionalism, and risk management. Through this collaboration, KCM Trade aims to enhance its brand image in the financial world by drawing parallels with racing's emphasis on split-second decisions and risk assessment. This will further strengthen KCM Trade's position as a global leader in the financial sector.

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