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KCM Trade Exclusive Interview Collection: Tim Waterer Shares His Insights and Thoughts

June 11, 2024

KCM Trade's Chief Market Analyst, Tim Waterer, was recently interviewed by major media outlets, including BBC, sharing his unique insights on the global financial markets. Here is a recap of the interviews:

Ausbiz Interview: Geopolitical Events May Lead to Oil Price Increase

  • Predictions suggest that gold prices may reach $2500 due to dual drivers of Chinese central bank purchases and retail investments, while geopolitical tensions enhance gold's safe-haven appeal.
  • Regarding the US dollar, potential rate cuts by the Federal Reserve may not significantly weaken the dollar, while rate cut expectations in the Eurozone and the UK may keep the dollar strong. The Australian dollar may underperform due to slowing economic growth and direct gold purchases by investors.  
  • Geopolitical events and unresolved conflicts may pose risks of oil price increase, with stimulus measures from China possibly boosting oil prices in the short term.

BBC Interview: Nvidia Leading the AI Wave, Shaping New Directions in Job Markets

  • Nvidia dominates the AI chip market, with its GPUs providing powerful support not only for advanced applications like ChatGPT but also driving rapid development across the entire AI industry.
  • Nvidia's performance is impressive, with revenue soaring 265% in the latest quarter and annual revenue doubling to $60.9 billion, approaching a market capitalization of $1 trillion.
  • As for the impact of AI on job markets, while automation will change some professions, it will also create more emerging job opportunities. We should actively adapt to these changes and develop symbiotically with AI.


TRT World Interview: Asian Stock Market Performance and Global Economic Outlook

  • Investors hold an optimistic attitude towards Monday's performance in Asian stock markets mainly because companies like Nvidia can still generate desirable profits in historically high-interest environments, expecting even greater profit margins in low-interest environments in the future.
  • China's continued expansion in manufacturing PMI not only demonstrates strong economic recovery momentum but also the expected non-manufacturing PMI between 51 and 52 reflects ongoing industry growth, highlighting further diversification and resilience in the Chinese economy.
  • India's previous quarter GDP growth slowed to 6.7%, while Australia's inflation slightly decreased to 3.4%. Market expectations for a possible US rate cut in September still depend on whether employment data further cools down. However, given the strong performance of companies like Nvidia, the US may act on rate cuts in November.

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