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KCM Trade – Global Events Recap for January

February 6, 2024

KCM Trade's Annual Overseas Meeting in Phuket – It held at the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa on January 27th, proved to be a pinnacle of achievement and vision for the company. Attended by employees from various locations, the event emphasized KCM Trade's commitment to building a cohesive, multicultural team. CEO Ryan reflected on the company's 2023 achievements and outlined ambitious plans for 2024, focusing on expansion and sustained growth. The event seamlessly blended business insights with team-building activities, promoting a culture of collaboration and teamwork. The evening's highlight was a thrilling lucky draw with numbers of cash prizes, showing the company's appreciation for its dedicated team. KCM Trade's Overseas Annual Meeting showcased a dedication to excellence, growth, and meaningful connections, positioning the company as a beacon of success in an evolving business landscape.

KCM Trade's IB Partnership Summit in Bangkok - KCM Trade hosted the "NEW IB Cozy Meeting 2024" in Bangkok, Thailand, fostering dynamic discussions and collaborations with potential Introducing Brokers(IBs). The event centered on "Meeting, Business Talk," emphasizing the exploration of business opportunities within KCM Trade's expansive network. Engaging discussions revolved around business plans, benefits, and collaborative strategies, extending a warm invitation to new IBs to join forces with the company. The agenda delved into mutual benefits, marketing support, seminar initiatives, and collaboration timelines, aiming to identify and nurture promising IBs. The event concluded on an optimistic note, highlighting the genuine connections forged and the groundwork laid for prosperous business relationships. KCM Trade looks forward to the promising collaborations that will stem from this pivotal moment, foreseeing mutual growth and success in the realm of international trade and finance.

Sponsoring the American Brilliance Western Fashion Gala - KCM Trade proudly sponsored the 12th edition of the American Brilliance Western Fashion Gala, coinciding with the 7th-anniversary celebration of the China Cowgirl Alliance. The event, held at Yuma Palace in Beijing, showcased a fusion of Western elegance and cultural charm. Attendees explored the origins of Western equestrian culture, emphasizing KCM Trade's commitment to preserving unique cultural heritage. The gala featured Western fashion displays, speeches, sponsored brand presentations, interactive sessions, music, dance showcases, and giveaways. KCM Trade's sponsorship reflected its dedication to fostering community bonds and teamwork, aligning with the Culture initiative. Beyond supporting the gala, the sponsorship symbolized KCM Trade's journey into Western intangible cultural heritage, embodying a company culture of unity, collaboration, and innovation.

Tim Waterer Joins Ausbiz's 'The Last Call' - KCM Trade's Chief Market Analyst, Tim Waterer, was featured on Ausbiz's 'The Last Call' program for a special 'Year in Review' episode on January 4, 2024. Alongside industry experts, including hosts David Koch and Nadine Blayney, Tim discussed the major themes influencing financial markets in 2023. The conversation, set in a festive atmosphere at Ausbiz studios in Sydney, delved into the Australian share market's performance compared to the US and focused on the impact of interest rates and falling oil prices on market dynamics. Tim emphasized the lingering effects of China's slower-than-expected economic recovery, highlighting it as a key factor to watch in the upcoming year. As a dedicated business channel, Ausbiz provided a platform for insightful discussions on macroeconomic trends.

To watch the full program of insights from the experts including Tim, please click here.

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