Indices CFD Swaps Special Adjustment Notice ( 27 Feb - 29 Feb)

February 22, 2024

Dear Clients,


The following table is the information which shows the overnight swapsof the Indices CFD with special adjustment. The changes are caused byex-dividend of constituent stocks in certain indices on a certain date.


1.    Pips refers to the smallest price movement of Index.

For example, if HK50 price is 28380.8, since the smallest price movementis 0.1, “1 pip” is the price movement of 0.1

2.    The swaps will be calculated at the end of day, which is at 00:00platform time. Clients are advised to closely monitor your open positions andmaintain sufficient margin for the special overnight indices’ swaps charged.

3.    The values provided are received from liquidity providers (LP) and aresubject to omissions or errors. If there is any change, the final values is subject to the tradingplatform.

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