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From Guest to Regular: An Exclusive Interview with KCM Trade Australia's General Manager, Jason, on SBS Radio

April 23, 2024

Jason Lau, General Manager of KCM Trade Australia, went from taking a brave one-way trip to Australia to becoming an outstanding expert with a strong reputation and broad influence in the international financial market, writing his own life story. Some people go from being unknown to becoming top figures in their industry; their unique experiences, profound insights, and tireless learning attitude being the key to their success. Jason's life journey continues to draw media attention. In less than half a month, he went from making his debut on one of the Southern Hemisphere's most influential radio stations, Australia's SBS Radio, to becoming a regular guest expert on the station.

Recently, Jason was invited back to SBS Radio for another interview, where he shared his insights on learning, life, and work. He also offered in-depth analysis of Japan's stock market hitting new highs and explained the factors driving various central banks to increase their gold reserves.

In his interview, Jason shared how he fell in love with Australia's weather and culture while visiting friends, and how he was immediately inspired to move to Australia. This was the start of an exciting journey that blurred borders and embraced different cultures. As fate would have it, Jason decisively applied to the University of Melbourne. Not only was he quickly accepted, but he also found love and started a family.

He specialized in finance and banking law, earning a master's degree in law. Besides, his worldview was shaped and refined through exchanges in the multicultural environment. After graduating from university, Jason worked for several international financial institutions, including BOC International, Société Générale, and Citibank, holding positions in sales and senior administration. With nearly 20 years in the financial industry, Jason candidly admits that finance was not his major in university, but his work has given him a deep understanding of the importance of financial management across all age groups.

Jason understands that having an international perspective is crucial for understanding and predicting financial markets. His profound knowledge of global markets has enhanced his

professional contributions, making them more impactful and dynamic since he joined the KCM Trade platform.

Being an international student himself, Jason pays special attention to the lives of international students in Australia. This is the reason why he actively organizes financial education courses for the Guangdong Student Association at the University of Melbourne, helping students better adapt to life in Australia while enhancing their financial and investment literacy.

During his visit to the SBS Radio studio Jason provided an in-depth analysis of two major current market trends: the record highs in the Japanese stock market and the increase of gold reserves by various central banks. Jason believes that in recent years, Japan's economy has gradually emerged from a prolonged slump through structural reforms and innovation-driven growth, demonstrating strong signs of recovery.

Jason thinks that international investors' confidence in the Japanese market has been steadily increasing, resulting in a continuous inflow of funds and a subsequent rise in the stock market. Additionally, the Bank of Japan's monetary policy has significantly supported the market by maintaining low interest rates and purchasing assets, providing ample liquidity.

Jason also stresses the importance of reminding investors that frequent record highs in the Japanese stock market do not eliminate risk. Investors should closely monitor Japan's economic fundamentals and international market dynamics, make rational judgments about market trends, and avoid following the crowd blindly.

Discussing the subject of the trend of central banks increasing their gold reserves, Jason observed that in recent years, as global economic conditions have grown more uncertain and volatile, central banks' demand for gold has gradually increased. Gold, as a safe-haven asset, holds a unique value and position, providing stable support during market volatility. Thus, central banks' accumulation of gold serves as a strategic response to global economic conditions.

As the General Manager of KCM Trade Australia, Jason has extensive experience and deep financial knowledge. He is open to offer valuable insights on financial literacy and career development for those striving for success. SBS Radio serves not only as a platform for sharing information but also as a bridge for cultural exchange. Through this medium, Jason's voice and insights reach a broad audience, making a significant impact.

Click here for the SBS Cantonese exclusive interview with Jason

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