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Embracing Tradition, Empowering the Brand! KCM Trade Proudly Sponsors the Western Fashion Gala

January 10, 2024

KCM Trade sponsored the highly anticipated 12th edition of the American Brilliance Western Fashion Gala, coinciding with the 7th-anniversary celebration of the China Cowgirl Alliance, which took place on 6th January 2024. This prestigious event graced the Yuma Palace at Jiuhua Mountain Villa in Beijing, China, creating a splendid fusion with Western elegance and unveiling the distinctive charm of Western culture. KCM Trade, emphasizing its commitment to initiatives fostering unique cultural heritage, resonated profoundly with the gala, where the harmonious clash of equestrian culture conveyed a positive and forward-looking spirit.

Attendee sat this event had a rare opportunity to delve into the origins, evolution, and values of Western equestrian and horse culture. The gala held immense promise in contributing to the global tapestry of cultural richness and diversity. The event featured a distinctive and lively display of Western fashion, including articulate welcome speeches, presentations by specially invited sponsored brands, engaging interactive sessions, breathtaking equestrian performances, dynamic music, and dance showcases, as well as an array of anticipated giveaways, auctions, and delightful dining experiences.

KCM Trade took pride in sponsoring an event dedicated to showcasing the extraordinary and unique trends in Western fashion, while fostering mutual trust, teamwork spirit, and community bonds. This sponsorship aligned seamlessly with KCM Trade's recognition of the pivotal role cultural heritage plays in the high-quality development of society, reinforcing the brand's 'Culture+' initiative. The sponsorship went beyond KCM Trade's support for the thrilling Western Fashion Gala; it symbolized KCM Trade's journey on the captivating express train of Western intangible cultural heritage, embodying the essence of a company culture that champions unity, collaboration, and innovative accomplishments.

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