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Drifting Across the Ocean: KCM Trade Drift Team Embarks on an Australian Journey

July 10, 2024

Co-created by KCM Trade and HKGSA, the KCM Trade Drift Team made its debut at the 2024 Japan Drift Championship (FDJ2) in April at the renowned Suzuka Twin Circuit in Japan. The team quickly captivated drifting fans both domestically and internationally, becoming a popular topic on and off the track. To showcase the unique charm of drift racing, KCM Trade, after earlier appearances at iconic spots like The Peak in Hong Kong, has now brought their drift cars across the ocean to the Southern Hemisphere, kicking off their tour in Australia.  

The first stop was at the picturesque Medway Golf Club in Melbourne. With the strategic cooperation agreement with Australia's Medway Golf Club now officially in effect, our drift team seized this significant opportunity and made a grand entrance onto the lush green grounds. The roar of the racing cars sharply contrasted with the tranquility of the golf course, creating an unexpected harmony. Leaving behind unerasable tracks, the drift cars also imprinted the spirit of cooperation between KCM Trade and Medway on this part of the world, symbolizing that the in-depth collaboration between the two in the fields of finance and sports can harmoniously blend with golf.

Later, the drift team wove through Melbourne's iconic attractions, leaving a lasting impression on numerous famous landmarks. In Albert Park, our drift cars sped past against the backdrop of Melbourne's skyline, with their distinctive red bodies becoming a striking sight in the city. At the F1 pit stop, the drift cars stood silently, showcasing their allure in this top-tier racing venue, hinting at future glories and making an unforgettable impression.

The coastal harbor district offers yet another spectacle. The modernity of Marvel Stadium perfectly complemented the dynamic nature of the drift cars, together embodying the true essence of "power and beauty." Meanwhile, the stop on Bolte Bridge evoked thoughts of speed and the leap toward dreams, with each shutter click capturing these immortal moments.

At the journey's end, the team arrived at the historic and academically rich University of Melbourne. In this sea of knowledge, the drift team didn’t fail to leave its mark either. The cars slowly cruised along the campus's tree-lined paths, akin to students steadily building their knowledge and foundation, reflecting the very essence of our success.

This appearance in Melbourne not only showcased the splendor of the KCM Trade Drift Team but also perfectly illustrated the seamless blend of drifting and scenic beauty. Drifting emphasizes speed and agility, which aligns precisely with KCM Trade's core competencies.

Our journey continues. Next, the team heads to Melbourne's Sandown Raceway, where our Chief Analyst Tim Waterer will personally test drive the KCM Trade drift car. More thrilling moments and exciting times are about to unfold. Stay tuned for upcoming reports as we witness this ever-extending legend of speed together.

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